Safety and Health

Safe Enough For Our Families. This phrase captures one of our core strengths and sets a standard that guides our efforts to ensure and support the safety and health of our people at work, at home and in their communities.


We reduced

our All Injury Frequency Rate (AIFR) by 37%, from 2201 reported injuries in 2016 to 132 in 2017. We reduced our Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) by 17%, from 47 reported lost time injuries in 2016 to 37 in 2017.

Over 210,000

safety engagements with employees and contractors were completed by our mine management teams across our operations.

In 2017, there were 93

PFOs, compared to 1252 in 2016. We began noticing a substantial decrease in incident-type PFOs, that is, PFOs that could have resulted in a fatality under different timing or slightly different circumstances.

    We reached our main objective of Zero Fatalities. Lessons learned from fatalities in prior years have helped augment our ground control management programs at all sites.

    We improved the quality of our incident investigations with a new Root Cause Analysis (RCA) methodology designed to address root causes of incidents and create effective corrective actions aimed to eliminate the potential for incident recurrence.

    We have advanced our safety leadership and engagement program, StepIN, by focusing on the quality of employee-led interactions through coaching and formal feedback. As a result, our safety performance as measured by injury frequency rates experienced a step change in 2017.

    2017 saw a 26% decrease in the number of incidents we classify as Potential Fatal Occurrences (PFOs). We started to see fewer incident-type PFOs (PFOs where an incident occurred that could have resulted in a fatality under different timing or slightly different circumstances). This indicates that incident investigations and corrective actions are preventing similar occurrences.

    Our annual Day of Remembrance/Reflection has become a site-focused initiative, with each site setting its own agenda and schedule. All our sites and offices in 2017 halted production on their respective Days of Remembrance/Reflection to participate and focus on our primary objective of Zero Fatalities and our vision of making Goldcorp Safe Enough For Our Families.


    Goal Description What to Expect in 2018

    Achieve Zero Fatalities.

    There were no occupational fatalities in 2017.

    Continue achieving Zero Fatalities.

    Reduce All Injury Frequency Rate (AIFR) to 0.90.

    Exceeded our goal and completed the year with an AIFR of 0.71, a 37% improvement over 2016.

    Set individual commitments across our operations to help us achieve an AIFR of 0.64 (10% improvement over 2017).

    Continue rolling out StepIN through 2017. Introduce StepUP – a corporate leadership training program in 2017, with Safety Leadership as one of its core competencies.

    StepIN continued in 2017, with increased focus on the quality of employee engagements through training and coaching. StepUP was rolled out in 2017 and included a core behaviour focused on Safety Leadership (We Speak Up For Safety).

    Occupational Health activities in 2015-2016 focused on establishing a standardized approach to exposure characterization and risk quantification. Sites have been developing baseline datasets through 2017 based on this foundation.

    Shift focus to exposure control (building on Industrial Hygiene characterizations in 2017). A 10% reduction in exposure to three key priority hazardous substances will be established as a goal for 2018.

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    Insights From:
    Peter Calnan

    Talking Safety and Health with Peter Calnan, Vice President, Safety and Health
    1. Looking back on 2017, what were some of the major accomplishments and highlights for Safety and Health at Goldcorp?

      Without a doubt, the major accomplishment for us in 2017 was the fact we had Zero Fatalities. Throughout 2016, we invested heavily in our StepIN program to improve the safety culture throughout the company. Under this program, sites were given freedom to implement their own site-specific initiatives, such as coaching sessions. Observing the way our sites embraced the program was a real highlight, and the program’s value is evident in the results. We had the best safety performance from the sites in the history of the organization, with improvements occurring each quarter. Having Zero Fatalities is our ultimate goal each and every year.

      Our team focused on aligning rather than introducing new programs, which has served us well in 2017 and is something we will continue in 2018.

    2. What were some of the challenges for Safety and Health at Goldcorp in 2017, and what did the company learn from them?

      In 2017, we saw some significant staffing changes, which resulted in a new structure and senior positions. Going through change requires strong communication. Our Safety and Health team became very open and collaborative throughout the year. From a leadership perspective, our accomplishments included learning the need to communicate with impact and to “inspire” employees. I’m very pleased to see the progress that has been made.

      We significantly reduced events and potential fatal occurrences (PFOs) from 2016. I believe this achievement is a direct result of efforts to improve our communication and inspire our employees through StepIN and our Day of Remembrance sessions. This improvement has taken a lot of planning, travel and effort from many people. I am optimistic that things are improving, but I also believe it is imperative we do not grow complacent while celebrating our successes. We must always continue to focus on safety and our commitment to being Safe Enough For Our Families.

    3. What is Goldcorp doing to keep workforce safety and health top priority for the company?

      Health and Safety for our workforce is our overriding priority and it is very clear that a Safe and Healthy workplace is a productive workplace. With the stronger focus on our workforce, we have been able to provide improved, more consistent supervision and increase the understanding of individual roles. Stronger supervision through StepIN has improved communication and interaction for our teams. This has helped to ensure that our worksites are Safe Enough For Our Families – and that this is not just a vision but a reality.

      Our commitment to Safe Enough For Our Families is a top priority for everyone at Goldcorp. Commitment to this vision can be observed throughout the organization, from our CEO and Executive Leadership team to our Mine General Managers. You can see the drive and passion from the workforce. It’s easier to speak to and speak out about Safety and Health when you know there is a commitment from the top.

      We have also been reinforcing the value and importance we put on relationships. It is important that supervisors have a relationship with their teams – that they are building a level of trust and respect and are making sure that everyone gets home safe.

      I am really encouraged by how we performed in 2017, and I am looking forward to continuing this success throughout 2018.

    4. What changes have you noticed over the last year with regards to safety and health in the mining industry, and what is Goldcorp doing to ensure these issues are being managed proactively?

      There has been a noticeable increase in Technology and Innovation in mining for all aspects of the business. This has given us the opportunity to be more proactive and incorporate much of this technology into our new and existing sites. A good example is our Borden project which is the first all underground electric mine in our industry. The technology associated with Borden has given us worldwide recognition and credit for taking such strides in the industry. The battery electric vehicles (BEVs) deliver better air quality in underground mines due to no emissions from diesel engines.

      We also have our tele-remote technology in Thunder Bay – that is, where you can be in Thunder Bay and run a scoop tram at Musselwhite. You’re not only removed from site, but you’re now also located in an urban area. We have the ability to both drill and move material from a different location than the actual mine site.

      Another change with regards to technology and innovation is a recent focus on allowable limits in safety and health. For example, in the case of diesel particulate matter, we now have access to increased information on the potential harm related to these emissions. The need to provide cleaner air as people are working is increasing, and the standards are becoming more stringent. We are committed to providing our employees and contractors with safe and healthy working environments.

    5. Understanding that worker health is a material issue for mine operators, what is Goldcorp doing to protect the health of its workforce?

      The implementation of newer technology in equipment has given way to a new level of working conditions in underground mining not seen before. Our Industrial Hygiene groups are also developing more mature programs to ensure we consider all levels of worker health.

      We are testing our protocols and using biological monitoring to provide more information and data to manage issues such as fatigue, mental health and nutrition, ensuring we continually improve. Through learning from our successes rather than only investigating our failures, we have the ability to provide better protection to our workforce. With better planning, alignment, risk assessments and leading indicators, we are more capable of providing a safer and healthier workplace.

      We also focus on engineering out risks to prevent events from occurring.

    6. How have advancements in technology impacted workforce health and safety at Goldcorp? What advancements do you see in the future that will change how workforce safety and health is managed?

      The advancement in BEVs, autonomous mining equipment (scoop, drills) and tele-remote systems that actually remove the worker from the underground environment, significantly reduces the risk of Safety and Health related issues. The BEVs provide more favourable working conditions, for example, because they improve air quality and are much quieter than traditional diesel engines.

      We have put a significant focus on technology and innovation. At Peñasquito there is an entire area that is run autonomously. As a result, the workers are sitting in a clean environment rather than in the drill on the drill pattern.

      In terms of air emissions, the new BEVs run perfectly clean underground. With the exception of the sound of the tires against the ground and a slight hum, they make no noise. This is a quantum shift from typical diesel machinery for both emissions and sound. This shift is also reflected in the results from a satisfaction survey completed by employees at Borden, who are thrilled with the new technology. It was very exciting feedback to receive.

    7. What are some of the long-term goals for workforce safety and health at Goldcorp (i.e., five/ten years from now)?

      We now have a proven platform for BEVs that can be integrated into our current operating sites as a suitable replacement for, and upgrade from, existing equipment. As we replace our equipment, we will substitute it, where practical, for newer and cleaner technology, such as battery-operated equipment.

      Both surface and underground mining are experiencing transformative innovation that is encouraging and exciting.

      All of this means safer and healthier work environments for our workforce.

    8. Looking back over the past five years how would you describe the journey Goldcorp has been on from a workforce safety and health perspective?

      In the past five years, we have matured in Safety and Health. It has been a steep learning curve: We have grown rapidly, but our workforce’s commitment has nevertheless made it possible for our operations to be among the safest in the mining industry.

      Over the 2.5 years I have been with Goldcorp, I have seen tremendous improvements in the results, with fewer injuries and health issues. This improvement takes a lot of work, focus and commitment from all Goldcorp employees and contractors.

      We are well on our journey to reaching rates of zero. My personal goal is for us to be the safest and healthiest employer in the mining industry.

      We have matured significantly in the past five years, and it takes time for the systems to mature. There has been a tremendous increase in the understanding, passion, desire and urgency to see that these programs are adhered to properly. The increase in safety performance has been significant over the past five years. We are running with the best mining companies in the world, most of which have been honing their practices for decades. We’ve improved and continue to improve at a very quick rate, and we’re catching up to them very quickly.

    9. What is Goldcorp doing from a workforce safety and health perspective that will change the way that workforce safety and health is approached, conducted or perceived in the future?

      Innovations such as offsite control rooms to run equipment in autonomous zones of the mine and tele-remote equipment operation have opened up the opportunity to attract a unique, skilled workforce that will also grow in our industry with the technological advancements. With our current StepUP program being introduced, coupled with the accomplishments of our StepIN program, we have been able to develop a culture with a much more consistent demonstration and display of what “good” actually looks like and what is expected of every person who works for us.

      Our focus in 2017 was on the StepUP behaviours and on growing our people. We provided opportunities for people to be more engaged in our organization. We’re positioning ourselves well to adapt to change as new technology and innovation provide us opportunities to think differently.

      In terms of our #DisruptMining initiative, we included a segment on safety and health. We are ambitious, and we have a strong sense of urgency about our ideas for innovation in the industry – in safety, health and all aspects of our business.

      Safety and health is my personal passion, it is inspiring to observe the progress we have made at Goldcorp.