Sustainability Performance Index (SPI)

The SPI was designed to measure and track site performance in key sustainability areas, in line with the Sustainability Excellence Management System (SEMS). The SPI includes a mix of proactive (practices indicators) and reactive (performance indicators) metrics that will evolve over time as sustainability performance progresses.

In 2017, we focused our efforts on establishing the right mix of metrics to determine a sustainability performance baseline across our operating sites and set targets for improvements in 2018. To ensure accountability, our Executive Management tracked the results of the SPI on a monthly basis, and the Sustainability Committee of the Board of Directors did so on a quarterly basis. Establishment of the baseline was linked to our overall annual performance scorecard.

In 2017 the company’s overall SPI score was calculated by monitoring monthly execution of activities in the following key sustainability areas:

Area Metric Examples Metric Type

Overall Sustainability

  • High severity events management practices
  • Corrective action plans practices

Practices indicator

Safety and Health

  • Sites’ AIFR target met

Performance indicator


  • Sites established GHG and water performance targets

Performance indicator


  • Adequate Grievance investigations practices

Practices indicator


  • Security personnel management practices

Practices indicator

Looking ahead, we will use the SPI as a key driver for measuring sustainability performance. In 2018, each site’s objective will be to improve its overall score by at least 5%.