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People are our core strength. More than any other factor, our success depends on their capabilities and commitment. We are focused on attracting and retaining experienced and skilled talent with a culture that puts safety at its core and supports people to reach their potential.


Our workforce

(including contractors) totalled 14,094 as of December 31, 2017; women comprise 11% of our workforce.

Our employees

self-identify with over 80 different nationalities and speak approximately 20 different languages.

In 2017, over 100 women

from across the company graduated from the Creating Choices programs. As of December 31, 2017, over 1,800 women had graduated from these programs.

    Following the global talent and succession plan review of critical roles conducted in early 2017, we implemented a Future Leaders program and identified the first cohort of high potential talent candidates. Future Leaders is a one-year program that was developed to provide selected individuals with personalized development feedback, a focused development plan with deliberate on-the-job experiences, leadership training and executive exposure. The primary objective is to accelerate their growth and readiness to take on future leadership roles.

    In 2017, StepUP officially launched as a formal program; it introduced five behaviours that help define our Goldcorp culture. StepUP is at the centre of everything we do. It sets clear expectations for the behaviours employees are to demonstrate while they do their jobs, and it helps grow our talent by providing tools to support our employees’ development. StepUP enables us to set clear performance expectations, increases leadership capabilities and drives personal accountability.

    From April 26 to June 7, all Goldcorp employees had an opportunity to participate in the 2017 Employee Opinion Survey. The survey was voluntary with an overall participation rate of 77%. Following the release of the global survey results, management from each our sites and offices was asked to review and communicate the results related to their specific locations and identify key priorities from the survey that would increase engagement and improve the overall employee experience. Once the priorities were identified, site leadership teams worked with employees to develop specific action plans for advancing in areas requiring improvement. Action plans are currently being finalized and progressing to implementation across the organization.

    We held our second Goldcorp women's conference, titled “Our Journey to Success.” This was well attended by executive leadership, board members, senior management and over 80 Goldcorp employees. At the conference we launched the third installment of our women’s training, development and mentorship program, “Future Choices.” Future Choices builds on the lessons learned in Creating Choices and Growing Choices and provides women with insights on entrepreneurship, basic financial concepts, self-confidence and change management skills to ensure they continue to lead and succeed in their communities, long after mining operations have ceased. In 2017 we also announced that gender-inclusive sessions of Creating Choices programs will be held in addition to sessions for women.

    In 2017, we created a multi-year, overarching Diversity and Inclusion Strategy for Goldcorp, inspired by the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks.1 The Strategy takes a broad view of diversity and outlines actionable steps to improve our inclusive work environment.


    Goal Description What to Expect in 2018

    Focus on career development opportunities for our people, to enable them to continue to grow in our decentralized organization.

    The performance management survey conducted in 2016 identified that employees desired more feedback from their managers and a formalized career development process to help them better manage their careers. In response to this, we added a development planning tool to the performance management process.

    The employee performance management process and strategy now fully integrates both the development planning tool and our StepUP Behaviours.

    Facilitate the growth of our people and focus on employee engagement. Support employees and managers in the development planning process.

    Establish and implement a leadership development program that includes identification of high-potential employees and creation of personal development plans.

    Facilitated development planning and succession planning for officers, senior management and critical roles.

    Introduced the Future Leaders program and identified an initial cohort group of high talent individuals.

    Continue annual talent reviews to identify successors for officers, senior management, and other key critical roles.

    Identify new cohort groups 2018 for in the Future Leaders program in order to build our talent pipeline.

    Continue rolling out Creating Choices and Growing Choices programs.

    In 2017, we launched the third installment of the Creating Choices program. Named “Future Choice,” the program equips women for, and empowers them to achieve, sustainable success long after mining operations have ceased. Continued our women’s training, development and mentorship programs, Creating Choices, Growing Choices and now Future Choices. To date, over 1,800 women have graduated from this suite of programs.

    Continue running the Creating Choices suite of programs across the company. In addition to sessions for women, in 2018 we aim to establish gender-inclusive sessions of Creating Choices, allowing all employees to gain the benefits of these courses.

    Broaden the scope of diversity activities throughout the organization.

    A key achievement for 2017 was the development of a multi-year overarching Diversity and Inclusion Strategy for Goldcorp, inspired by the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks.1 The Strategy takes a broad view of diversity and aims to improve our inclusive work environment through improvements to practices across human resources, leadership, sustainability, stakeholder engagement and communications.

    Engage all sites on the implementation of the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and increase understanding of diversity and inclusion across the organization.

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    Insights From:
    Jenine Ellefson

    Talking People of Goldcorp with Jenine Ellefson, Global Head of People
    1. Looking back on 2017, what were some of the main accomplishments and highlights that come to mind for the People function?

      In 2017 we concentrated on talent management and people development. We were proud to implement our redesigned StepUP program and a new Future Leaders program, both of which focus on developing our people and supporting them to achieve their potential.

      StepUP is a training program we developed to provide our employees with the tools and behaviours designed to achieve results in a safe, productive and responsible way. StepUP aims to align our business and people practices around common core behaviours. Future Leaders is a one-year development program designed to prepare participants to take on progressively more challenging leadership roles.

      In addition to people development, we also focused on employee engagement. For this, we conducted an Employee Opinion Survey that reached every employee globally in either electronic or paper format. The purpose of the survey was to gather employee feedback on a variety of topic areas, including the working environment, leadership, management, career development, teamwork and safety, as well as several other areas which impact day to day work-life at Goldcorp. We were pleased to have a response rate of 77% to this voluntary survey. Following analysis of the survey results, each site/office has been working on a communication and action plan to implement improvements to enhance the employee experience at their respective locations.

      Finally, the People function completed a major milestone in our Human Resource (HR) systems journey whereby all sites globally are now using our CORE Human Resources Information System (HRIS) to manage their employee data. This accomplishment will allow us to leverage future opportunities to deliver HR services and tools across the company in a more innovative and effective way.

    2. What were some of the challenges? What did the company learn from them?

      In 2017, we continued to transition to a new decentralized operating model, which was introduced by our CEO in 2016. The change in operating model required an adjustment to roles and responsibilities and created a period of uncertainty as people transition into this new way of working. As a result, the corporate People team has been working on redefining its role to be more focused on setting standards and guidelines, while still supporting sites to effectively implement new programs and policies.

      We also saw several senior leadership changes in 2017, including the appointment of a new COO and new CFO. Under the direction of the new senior leadership team, Goldcorp’s culture is evolving and we have adopted a new set of values (Being Safe, Productive and Responsible). There is no doubt that cultural change takes time and the People team has been focusing on embedding the new values into all our people practices to create a strong foundation for our new developing culture.

      Competition for talent in our industry and the job market remains a challenge in all areas where we do business. We know we need to continuously adapt in order to remain competitive and attract and retain the best talent.
    3. What are some issues or trends you anticipate will affect Goldcorp in the coming years when it comes to Goldcorp’s workforce recruitment, retention and development?

      Two trends I already see starting to affect us is the existence of a multi-generational workforce and the impact of technology and innovation on the mining industry.

      We are fortunate to have a multi-generational workforce where we can benefit from diversity of thought and experience. We need to ensure we continue to provide diverse programs that attract, motivate and retain all employees.

      In terms of technology, we are living in an exciting time as new technology and innovation continues to enter the market. We are proud to be leading some advancements in innovation across all areas of our business and will continue to invest in our future. I am mindful that as we introduce new technology and innovation into our workplace, we need to understand their impact on the work we do and how we do it. We need to be thoughtful about how we prepare our workforce and surrounding communities to adapt to changes in the workplace.
    4. Goldcorp conducted an Engagement Survey in mid-2017 that was sent out to all employees in the company. What were some of the key findings? What actions is Goldcorp taking to address the opportunities identified?

      Yes, we did conduct an Employee Opinion Survey! This was one of the highlights for the People team in 2017. We were pleased to see that employees feel that Goldcorp is a safe place to work and they have the tools and resources to do their job effectively. In addition, employees feel empowered to make decisions and have the authority to do their job well.

      Some of the key opportunities for improvement identified by the survey were: 1) the desire for better collaboration across different functions and departments; 2) a better understanding of career development opportunities at Goldcorp; 3) better alignment of priorities from senior management and 4) more frequent and transparent communication from leadership.

      Following receipt of these findings, each site has been tasked with creating and implementing tailored action plans for their location. We have been really pleased with the high level of engagement from sites and employees throughout this process. Some sites have even created focus groups and administered additional surveys to better understand the feedback from employees and to gather information regarding potential solutions. To ensure accountability for implementing action plans, the 2018 corporate scorecard will include an objective in the Leadership category to engage employees in creating a superior employee experience, focusing on culture, communication and collaboration. In addition, all 2018 site scorecards will include an objective related to their site employee opinion survey action plan.

      Overall, we are embracing the feedback we received from employees and are focused on ensuring this is a ground-up initiative where employees can truly have an impact on their day-to-day experience at Goldcorp. It has been inspiring to see so many employees actively engaged in the process.

    5. What are some of the long-term goals for the People function (i.e., five/ten years from now)?

      We are currently working on a long-term strategic plan for our department, aligning our HR strategy with our business strategy. Our main objective is to position ourselves as a strategic business partner to enable the business to achieve its objectives. To do this, we will be looking to streamline tactical work and establish an effective and efficient delivery of Human Resources services and support. We will be working with the business to forecast future talent needs and create innovative and sustainable talent management and total rewards programs that are flexible enough to meet both the current and future needs of the business. Finally, we will be looking to develop flexible and inclusive workplace practices and people programs to engage and retain a diverse workforce and consider the needs of all individuals.

    6. Looking back over the past five years how would you describe the journey Goldcorp has been on from a People perspective?

      Over the past five years, the People department has supported the business through a lot of change. We have helped the business and our employees deal with uncertainty and ambiguity as the business has grown and matured. I am pleased to say that we have evolved from an organization that bought talent to one that is building talent. We are now in a position where we have installed and implemented human resources systems and processes to support future growth. Throughout this journey we have aimed to remain flexible to be able to support the business in each stage of this evolution.

    7. What is Goldcorp doing from a People perspective that will change the way that human resources is approached, conducted and perceived in the future?

      We are changing our focus and how we do things. Our new vision is to focus on creating a superior employee experience.

      Our goal is to create a sense of purpose and meaningful connection for all our employees. We are being deliberate about the types of new programs and practices that are introduced and the impact these will have on employee engagement and experience. We want our people to feel that working at Goldcorp is more than just a job, but instead is a place to have a career and create sustainable value.