Executive Compensation

Our long-term corporate strategy is central to all of our business decisions, including decisions around executive compensation. We endeavour to provide our shareholders with superior returns while maintaining our company-wide commitment to safe, responsible mining and sustainability excellence. Our compensation programs are designed to attract, motivate and retain high-calibre executives and align their interests with superior and sustainable performance over the long-term in a manner that is fair and reasonable to our shareholders. The following key principles guide the development of our compensation programs:

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The Board recognizes that executive compensation practices and policies are evolving in Canada and globally, and undertakes an annual internal review to ensure our practices and policies are effective in achieving our objectives.

We balance the need to be competitive within the mining industry to attract high-calibre executives with the need to provide compensation programs that are fair and reasonable.

Since 2012, we have provided shareholders with an advisory “Say on Pay” vote regarding our executive compensation program. It helps us engage constructively, obtain meaningful feedback and ensure accountability for executive compensation. For more information on executive compensation, please see our Management Information Circular.