About Us

Goldcorp is a leading gold producer focused on responsible mining practices with safe, low-cost production throughout the Americas. We believe our portfolio of long-lived, high-quality assets positions our company to deliver long-term value.

At Goldcorp, sustainable and responsible mining is a company-wide commitment rooted in our values as an organization. We are committed to creating social and economic benefits for all of our stakeholders, at every phase of the mining lifecycle, from early exploration, through to the mine’s eventual closure and reclamation.

We believe in safe production, acting ethically, respecting all our stakeholders, open communication, empowering others and innovation. We are committed to being responsible stewards of the environment and complying with the highest applicable health and safety standards. These are core values and strengths that guide our decision-making, everywhere we do business.

We call our approach to doing business Together, Creating Sustainable Value.

Photo of two Goldcorp professionals in the field