Strategy and Governance

Public Policy Advocacy

We believe that we can make a contribution to the development of sound public policy by providing accurate information on our mining activities. We participate in government outreach related to the mining industry. For example, in April 2015, we initiated the Ontario Mining Roundtable, a unique gathering of approximately 90 leaders, including cabinet ministers, chief executive officers, banking executives, First Nations leaders, experts from the mining industry, mining capital markets, the Government of Ontario, and associated supply and service industries in order to discuss Ontario’s mining and related industries from an innovative perspective.

Contributions to Political Parties

In keeping with our commitment to engage responsibly with the communities in which we operate, we have a stand-alone Political Contributions Policy that sets clear parameters and limitations for when and how political contributions are to be made for, or on behalf of, Goldcorp. Strict corporate-level approvals, including by the CEO and CFO, and validations from Legal and Ethics and Compliance are required in those instances where political contributions may be allowed as per the policy. In 2015, Goldcorp made contributions to political parties and related groups in Canada approximating $17,500. No such contributions were made in other countries of operation.