Strategy and Governance

Realizing Goldcorp’s vision – Together, Creating Sustainable Value – requires committed leadership, sound strategy, good governance and a long-term perspective. Our strengths in these areas help provide the foundation for future success.

2015 Highlights

  • We updated and rolled out our Third-Party Due Diligence Standards, which define the minimum requirements that our employees must fulfill when entering into a commercial relationship with a third party, such as a supplier, on behalf of Goldcorp.
  • We completed three SEMS audits at our Peñasquito, Red Lake and Marlin mines.
  • We achieved our commitment of increasing the percentage of women on our Board to 25% by 2017. Female representation on the Board increased to 27% in 2015, and we established a Diversity Committee to lead our diversity-related initiatives.

Case Studies

Goldcorp Commercial Practices: Ensuring Ethics and Corporate Responsibility among Our Suppliers
From the Bloodstream to Deep Space: Gold’s Unique Properties Continue to Find New Applications
In 2015, 27% of our directors were women and 26% of our officers were women. In addition, our directors and officers represent ten different nationalities and self-identify with 30 distinct cultures/ethnicities.
100% of our business units were analyzed for risks related to corruption during the reporting year.
Out of 3,613 employees enrolled in our Code of Conduct annual refresher and certification course, 3,534 completed the course, representing a 98% completion rate.