Safety and Health

Safety and Health Committees

Management–employee Joint Safety and Health Committees (JSHCs) are valuable tools for including employees in the safety decision-making process. Every Goldcorp operating site and project, along with our corporate and regional offices, has a JSHC, meaning that 100% of our workforce is now represented. In most cases, decisions and policies made by the JSHCs apply to all on-site personnel. In addition, health and safety topics are covered in formal agreements in our operations that have a trade union on-site. We take a holistic approach to safety and make no distinction in our policy, procedures or expectations as they are applied to union employees, non-union employees and contractors.

Employees and JSHC members from our Musselwhite mine voiced their concerns about experiencing discomfort while operating Maclean bolters. Industrial Hygiene and Maclean Engineering was tasked to find seats with better suspension. They found that one major barrier to developing a solution was the lack of quantitative information that defined the risk levels of exposure to vibration. A survey was conducted with the operators to identify the major issues related to the cab and/or seat of the bolters. Based on the questionnaire and inspection of the seats, 82% of survey participants reported experiencing whole-body vibration. All participants reported lack of seat height adjustability and lack of upper lumbar support. We are currently developing a vibration program which involves qualitative and quantitative risk assessments that would identify, assess and evaluate the risk of vibration exposures for the whole body and the hand/arm. We will also educate the workforce and raise awareness about the health effects of vibration and control methods to reduce exposure.