Safety and Health

Management Approach

Trends and Issues

Across the mining industry, the number of mining fatalities and non-fatal injuries is decreasing. Compared to other industries, however, injury rates remain high. As gold grades decline and new deposits are harder to find, we can expect mining conditions to become more challenging. This will require innovation in mine design for safety, and a focus on organizational factors that minimize risks.

Material Topics

Through our materiality process, we have identified the following to be our material topics relating to Safety and Health:

Material topics At Goldcorp, this means
Workforce Safety and Health Ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for our workforce.

Why is This Important to Our Stakeholders?

Our stakeholders want us to ensure that our working environment is safe, and that we are committed to ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for all. They want us to cooperate with interested parties and with the industry on safety and health matters to improve the industry as a whole. They want to eliminate fatalities, and for us to re-examine our workplace practices and address issues identified as precursors to safety incidents.

Why is This Important to Goldcorp?

Safety is critical to us because our people are our strength, today and in the future. Of all our company values, none is more important than safety: no ounce of gold is worth risking a life or injury. Our number-one objective, above anything else, is to have Zero Fatalities. We failed in that objective in 2015, and it is clear we have more work to do in this area. Safety begins with preparation, anticipating incidents before they happen, and improving ongoing training to identify risks and respond appropriately when the unexpected happens.


Our strategy is to create and maintain a culture of safety and health in the workplace, as embodied in our safety vision, “Safe Enough for Our Families”. We recognize that individuals are ultimately responsible for their own safety, and we strive to equip our employees with the tools, training and attitudes needed for continual safety awareness. Continual monitoring and evaluation of our safety performance is integral for us to achieve our vision.

Our Safety and Health strategy is embedded in our Sustainability Excellence Management System (SEMS) Safety and Health standards and company-wide policies. Our strategy is based on four key areas:

Integrate safety into business processes
Focused efforts to eliminate
high-risk activities
Personal safety accountability
Strong safety systems
Safety Strategy

We believe that we can only achieve our vision of “Safe Enough for Our Families” when each and every Goldcorp employee is actively engaged in our safety culture. We realize that our systems and processes are only as good as the leadership and commitment we demonstrate on the job. Our vision is reflected in three basic principles: Care, Think, Act.

We provide an environment that demonstrates that safety is a core value, that we care about our people, and that we are prepared to listen, learn and act.
All tasks contain an element of risk. We expect all employees to think about their actions – not only about the impact a decision might have on themselves, but also their co-workers.
We provide procedures, programs, systems and training to ensure that tasks can be completed safely. We encourage all employees to share best practices and improve the ways in which we carry out our work functions.

Policies and Guidance

Safety at Goldcorp is governed by our Occupational Health and Safety Policy and our Golden Rules, which are the foundational components related to our Safety and Health Standards of our SEMS.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy describes our objective of a safe and healthy workforce and an incident-free workplace. The Policy and its accompanying procedures apply to anyone who works on our sites, including contractors and visitors.

The Golden Rules are in place for a simple but critically important reason: to protect our employees and contractors from serious injury and potentially a fatality. In 2014, we produced a subset of the Golden Rules, called Life Saving Rules, to better protect employees and contractors against injuries resulting from the highest-risk activities and tasks common in our industry. The Life Saving Rules have been identified as those actions that, if not followed, will most likely result in serious injury or death.

The Golden Guide is the implementation manual for the Golden Rules. It contains critical controls and actions related to the highest-risk activities undertaken at Goldcorp. The Golden Guide is a toolbox of useful information that can be used at work or home and was developed from lessons learned from our incidents. It is written in a way that encourages discussion around assessing safety in the workplace and, as we implement these learnings in our day-to-day practices, we will significantly reduce risk in our work, resulting in far fewer people being hurt on the job. As of April 1, 2015, our Golden Guide is mandatory Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all our contractors and employees. Each Golden Guide is personalized with a photo of who we are coming home to, and the guide includes a personal safety pledge.

Fit for Work:
Maintain a physical and mental state that allows you to perform your job without risk to yourself or others.
Ground Stability:
Scan continuously for signs of ground instability. Correct or leave the area. Restrict access and report the situation.
Energy Isolation:
Identify and control all potential forms of energy. Confirm energy isolation before working on systems.
Hazardous Substances:
Protect yourself and others against hazardous substances you are handling or breathing.
Protective Devices and Guarding:
Make sure protective devices are in place and used. Never modify, bypass or remove a protective device.
Prepare by checking your vehicle or mobile equipment. Everyone wears a seatbelt. No handheld devices when driving. Obey all signs and follow the rules of the road. Drive appropriately for the conditions.
Lifting, Rigging and Hoisting:
Restrict access to the drop zone. Never position yourself under the load.
Working at Heights:
Protect yourself and others against falls. Make sure fall prevention equipment is in place and in good condition. Wear fall protection when working at heights above 1.8 metres (6 feet).
Permit to Work:
Obtain a work permit where required and follow the requirements.
Personal Protective Equipment:
Choose the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment for the task. Wear it and take care of it.
Goldcorp’s ten Golden Rules

Organizational Responsibility

Our corporate safety and health function is headed by the Vice President (VP) of Safety and Health, who reports directly to the EVP, Chief Operating Officer. The VP of Safety and Health is responsible for the oversight, strategic development and management of our safety and health policies, programs and activities. They work with all functions of the organization, including Operations, Exploration, Projects and Administration, to enable safety excellence across the company. Each region has a Safety and Health Director who reports to the regional SVP of Operations. All our operations have Safety and Health managers responsible for supporting the implementation of our strategies on a day-to-day basis.

Goldcorp’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is ultimately accountable for our safety performance. At the Board level, the Sustainability, Environment, Health and Safety Committee (“Sustainability Committee”) of the Board has oversight of all safety and health functions.