Safety and Health

Emergency Response

Each site develops and manages emergency response activities, with the focus on surface or underground rescue and response. All sites maintain highly trained, fully equipped mine rescue teams which are prepared to respond to emergencies quickly and effectively. Our rescue teams coordinate activities in their regions to encourage mutual aid, share best practices and generally improve performance. We encourage them to participate in competitions and to coordinate their training and services with community emergency service personnel wherever possible. Our mine rescue teams often provide aid outside the mine’s boundaries, serving as the first responders for local communities in the event of an emergency.

2015 was a positive year for the development of emergency response at Goldcorp. Sites continued with improvement plans. We hosted a successful Goldcorp Mine Rescue Summit and continued to show strong results at external mine rescue competitions.

Marlin and Porcupine continue to build upon their internal training capabilities to broaden underground and surface emergency response programs. With a well-developed plan, and the dedication and commitment seen to date, we continue to record great results. The Latin America region continued to provide introductory training for surface brigade members from Los Filos and Peñasquito at the Red Cross National Training Centre in Toluca, Mexico. Participants from all projects and sites took part in the event to develop their knowledge and skills to better respond to the needs of our ever-changing workplaces. Standardized equipment, training techniques, evaluations and immediate feedback all contributed to the effective information dissemination between facilitators and attendees.

Cerro Negro expanded its Surface Response program to include spill response capabilities as a result of the process plant completion, and also hosted a regional underground mine rescue meeting and training session to share its skills and develop a broader support network within the southern Argentinian region.

With the completion of the design and build of the Draeger MRV 9000 mine rescue vehicle, Musselwhite and Porcupine have closed the gap in reaching deeper work areas of their mines. This vehicle is the first of its kind in the world and demonstrates our commitment to finding innovative solutions to the challenges we face in mining.

Red Lake has also developed solutions to reach outer-lying work areas. A single solution is not always appropriate, and with a diverse team and close examination of all work areas, a number of solutions were successfully developed and implemented.

We saw great results from our Québec and Ontario mine rescue competition teams in 2015. Éléonore successfully hosted the Québec Provincial Mine Rescue Championship in its second appearance in the competition, and was ranked in second place. Red Lake won the Red Lake district competition and performed very well at the Ontario provincial competition.

Finally, all best practices, standards and regulations in our diverse portfolio are being summarized into a Goldcorp Emergency Response Guideline. These documents will be used to help guide each existing site, or new project, in meeting the requirements for SEMS.

Across Goldcorp, our responders remain committed to preventing incidents through active leadership and providing high-quality response services. We believe that, by working together, we can make Goldcorp Safe Enough for Our Families.