Our Priorities

Goldcorp and the SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by the United Nations and its member states, are ambitious and will require collaboration among many sectors. The role of the private sector, and companies like Goldcorp, is critical in this new, universal set of goals to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and advance prosperity by 2030.

The SDGs and the Role of the Private Sector

Businesses like Goldcorp have a tremendous impact on communities. We provide local jobs and use local supply chains, which in turn create jobs and build human capital. We build physical and institutional infrastructure and support technology transfer. The resulting growth in products and services can have multiplier effects that improve communities’ financial sustainability.

Identifying Our Priorities and Aligning Our Efforts

Our materiality analysis is an important first step toward achieving the SDGs. By engaging with our stakeholders and learning their concerns and priorities related to sustainability, we can improve our understanding of the economic, environmental and social impacts that matter most to them, as well as to our business and society at large.

As a first step, we have mapped our top material topics, internal initiatives and strategies to the SDGs. We know we can play a key role in achieving the SDGs and each one of these Goals contributes to the sustainability of our operations. Therefore; this mapping exercise has helped us understand where synergies exist and where gaps should be addressed. We have provided information on how our current initiatives and activities can support the achievement of these goals. As our sustainability strategy evolves, we will align our efforts with the SDGs to minimize the negative impacts and maximize the positive ones.

Energy and Climate
Partnerships for Sustainability
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