Our People

Our Workforce

Goldcorp’s innovative spirit plays a major role in our success, and attracts and retains an exceptional group of people. Our people drive our business; that's why we consistently recruit, develop, and retain top talent who share the same spirit that drives us to search for possibilities and approach a centuries-old industry in new and innovative ways.

Workforce Composition

As of December 31, 2015, our workforce (employees and contractors) totalled 15,836, compared to 18,217 in 2014 and 18,338 in 2013. The reduction in our workforce corresponds to terminations resulting from having to operate in a lower commodity price environment, construction demobilization at Cerro Negro, and the closure of our El Sauzal mine.

Global Workforce by Region, Employment Type and Gender

Location Canada and US Latin America Total regions
Male Female Total Male Female Total Male Female Total
Full time salaried (non-union) employees 969 387 1,356 1,605 377 1,982 2,574 764 3,338
Expatriates – full time salaried 5 2 7 100 0 100 105 2 107
Full time salaried (union) employees 0 0 0 984 34 1,018 984 34 1,018
Hourly (non-union) employees 1,607 61 1,668 998 20 1,018 2,605 81 2,686
Hourly (union) employees 279 21 300 2,127 220 2,347 2,406 241 2,647
Contractors 1,379 95 1,474 4,316 250 4,566 5,695 345 6,040
Total Goldcorp Total workforce: 15,836


We partner extensively with contractors during the construction of new projects and when significant investments are made to our existing operations. Contractors provide a source of short-term labour, as well as specific construction expertise which is not readily available within our own workforce.

We also make use of contractors to supplement our internal expertise in key areas of our operations. We have a number of long-term partnerships with contractors who undertake critical components of our operation. Contractors are required to comply with our policies and procedures, such as the Code of Conduct and safety procedures, when undertaking work on our sites.

Our use of long-term contractors falls into three broad areas:

  • Mining and processing: These are our core functions and we tend to use contractors only to provide a key additional technical resource as needed.
  • Maintenance: Contractors are used at most of our sites due, at least in part, to the specialized nature of some maintenance functions. These activities are often cyclical and we do not always staff up internally for these roles.
  • Drilling, blasting, security, employee transport and catering: While these functions are important to the operation of our sites, they are frequently contracted out to firms who specialize in these activities.