Our People

Labour and Management Relations

At Goldcorp, we strive for positive employee-management relationships with both unionized and non-unionized employees. We support our employees’ rights of freedom of association and collective bargaining. These include the right of individual employees to join a union or other work-related cooperative. We also support the right of our employees to not join a union or other work-related cooperative and to be free from coercion to join.

Employee Communication

To keep employees informed, we regularly conduct town hall meetings, in which the President and CEO and other senior executives communicate directly with employees. These town hall meetings are live globally – all our offices and operations are linked via webcast and telephone during the meeting. Town hall meetings are provided in English, Spanish and French. They begin with short presentations and then provide an open forum for employees to ask questions. The constructive feedback from these meetings is further discussed in management and leadership meetings and, where a direct response is appropriate, senior management ensures that it is followed through. In 2015 there were three town hall meetings. Subjects of discussion were key operating milestones, financial and operating results, and new initiatives implemented since the previous meeting.

We maintain an employee intranet called Conveyor, which is available to employees at each of our sites and remotely. This is a vehicle for keeping employees up to date via written word and video. For employees who are unable to connect to the intranet, mine operations and offices maintain notice boards and host regular information sessions for key issues and events. In addition, each of our Canadian operations issues their own publications which provide a variety of local news.

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

In our Human Rights Policy, we commit to respect workers’ rights, including freedom of association, the right to peaceful protest and assembly, and engagement in collective bargaining in alignment with the International Labour Organization (ILO) Core Conventions. In 2015, there were no incidents of violations or risk to freedom of association and collective bargaining. In 2013, at Cerro Negro, in Argentina, freedom of association and collective bargaining were identified as being potentially at risk from trade union members exerting undue pressure on workers. To support worker rights, we support and permit employees to form a union as laid out in Argentinian law.

Of Goldcorp’s direct employee base, 55% of our total employees were represented by a collective bargaining agreement in 2015. The percentage of our contractor workforce covered by similar agreements is unknown.

Region Total number of employees (excluding contractors) Total number of employees represented by collective bargaining agreements Percentage of employees represented by collective bargaining agreements
Canada and US 3,331 300 9%
Latin America 6,465 5,041 78%
Total 9,796 5,341 55%