Our People

Employee Recruitment and Development

Our recruitment function is committed to establishing a consistent process to ensure hiring is conducted in an effective, fair and consistent manner and results in a positive experience for prospective candidates and hiring managers alike.

Global Recruitment Standards

We created the Global Recruitment Standards in 2015. These establish a consistent approach to ensure that we recruit people with the right competencies, experience, qualifications and potential to meet the requirements of the positions and the needs of Goldcorp. They also provide boundaries to make sure we do it in a fair, non-discriminatory manner, aligned with best practices. In support of this goal, we have graduate development, internship and summer placement programs that allow us to engage and attract talent early in their careers.

Learning and Development

To grow our people and empower them to succeed, we offer a selection of robust training programs. We support employees through every stage of their careers and help them as they consider new career options through to retirement.

Our Global Onboarding Program provides facilitated learning sessions and access to policies, guidelines, reference guides, e-learning and videos to give new employees a common understanding of our company strategy, vision and values. It also educates employees on our policies.

In 2015, we continued to focus on training and development across all regions and operations, emphasizing safety, leadership and development. This will build an ongoing pipeline of talent that will ensure operational continuity and mitigate labour shortage risk. We encourage employees to participate in advanced education, training or other professional development activities, and offer financial assistance for education (requests for assistance are evaluated on a case-by-case basis). Our programs and initiatives include:

and Growing Choices
Safety Leadership Training
to Grow
Fighting Fatalities
Graduate Development Program
Growing People
Creating and Growing Choices:
These programs have received recognition for providing female employees in all regions with the opportunity to develop confidence and a greater understanding of the opportunities available for personal and professional growth. In 2015, over 350 women from across the company graduated.
Safety Leadership Training:
This program introduces five key safety leadership practices and brings employees from different regions together to share best practices on how we can make Goldcorp “Safe Enough for Our Families”.
Dare to Grow:
Dare to Grow gives front-line employees the knowledge, skills, abilities and awareness to do a good job, while becoming a strong team player. It fosters corporate values and culture while developing interpersonal skills.
Fighting Fatalities:
Introduced in 2014, this course develops leadership abilities to influence safe behaviours and create material, sustainable changes in workplace safety – in support of the vision of “Safe Enough for Our Families”. Through leadership engagement, training and coaching, Fighting Fatalities helps employees understand risk tolerance and how it impacts daily decision-making.
Graduate Development Program:
Implemented in 2013 in Canada and the US, our Graduate Development Program is a five-year program in which newly recruited graduates gain on-the-job skills through planned rotations of our operations, achieving development milestones and the technical indicators needed to obtain their specified professional designation. This program provides mentorship and technical and leadership development.

Training Monitoring and Follow-up

To ensure that our programs add value, all employees who attend training and development programs are requested to provide feedback. Furthermore, discussions are held with the employee’s supervisor, to see whether on-the-job performance improvements have resulted. We also conduct periodic employee surveys to determine employee engagement and identify areas for improvement.

We know that employee development is integral to attracting and retaining our workforce; therefore, we are working to develop more robust monitoring and evaluation tools to assess the effectiveness of our employee training programs. For example, in 2015, we introduced new software-based e-learning technologies that will be used to provide training to all employees on policies and programs that are key for Goldcorp, such as our Code of Conduct and our Sustainability Excellence Management System. These technologies will also provide the ability to better monitor and assess participant completion rates, grades and performance.

Performance Management

Performance Management processes are in place at every operation. Our global Performance Management System includes all non-unionized employees. Within this process, our annual strategy and objectives are cascaded down into individual annual objectives for each employee. Managers guide and provide feedback to their team members throughout the year and have an individual mid-year checkpoint to assess and discuss progress relative to personal objectives. At the end of the year, individual annual performance is assessed with the participation of each employee through a self-assessment and, ultimately, with each manager, who conducts a performance appraisal for each of their team members.

Our Golden Performance System (GPS) for salaried employees was first introduced in Canada in 2008 and then in Mexico in 2010, and forms a key component of our Growing People strategy. It standardizes our review processes and helps us determine the personal component of employee bonuses. It allows full time employees to set targets and personal and professional growth objectives that are in line with corporate objectives. The GPS system is in place in our Canadian and Mexican operations. It is also used for Leadership roles in our Argentinian operations.

Completed reviews by employees with access to GPS system
Men 96%
Women 91%

Total Rewards

We regularly conduct market reviews to ensure that our total rewards (compensation, benefits and pensions) are regionally competitive and aligned with our total rewards philosophy. On average, 44% of our full time salaried non-union employees are eligible for long-term incentives, which allow employees to share in the company’s success in addition to their fixed cash compensation. The table below represents benefits provided to full-time salaried employees, unless otherwise stated.

Health, vision and dental insurance Family
Life and accidental death
and dismemberment
Share-based programs16
Canada Long-term incentive plan and employee stock purchase plan
United States Long-term incentive plan and employee stock purchase plan
Mexico Long-term incentive plan
Guatemala Long-term incentive plan
Chile Long-term incentive plan
Argentina Long-term incentive plan

Employee Turnover

To retain employees in a competitive market, we maintain a positive, dynamic working environment, with competitive compensation and career options. In 2015, employee turnover17 across Goldcorp for site-based employees was 13%. For our corporate office (not including regional office employees), turnover was 13%, compared to 9% in 2014 and 8% in 2013.

Turnover by gender and region Turnover – Male employees Turnover – Female employees Total turnover
Canada and US 11% 17% 12%
Latin America 13% 20% 14%
Total 12% 18% 13%

Turnover rates are calculated only at operating sites in Canada and Latin America and exclude projects and joint ventures that we do not operate. Generally, because of the short-term nature of many of the jobs on-site during the construction phase, turnover rates at projects will not be comparable with our overall performance.