Our People

Diversity and Equal Opportunities

We strive to foster an open and inclusive workplace environment and strongly support the principle that all individuals should have an equal opportunity to participate in our company and achieve their full potential. In compliance with our Code of Conduct and the Diversity Policy, everyone at Goldcorp must:

  1. Always treat each other and all members of the outside community with respect and courtesy.
  2. Always keep our workplace free from all forms of harassment, meaning unwelcome behaviour that a reasonable person would consider to be degrading, humiliating, discriminatory or intimidating.
  3. Never permit factors like race, religion, colour, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality or ethnicity to determine decisions about hiring, employment promotions, pay rates, transfers, layoffs or terminations (or condone decisions by others determined by such factors).
  4. Never permit physical disabilities to determine work-related decisions, unless the disability prevents a person from safely doing a job and the disability cannot be reasonably accommodated.

Diversity in the Workforce

Our Diversity Policy, which was published in 2014, promotes the benefits of, and need for, extending opportunities for career advancement to all internal and external candidates, without distinction as to gender, ethnicity or on any other basis.

We track certain diversity indicators among employees and contractors. One of those diversity indicators is gender, which is outlined below.

Employees by Gender

Region Total workforce % of female employees and contractors % of male employees and contractors
Canada and US 4,805 12% 88%
Latin America 11,031 8% 92%
Total 15,836 9% 91%

Employee Gender Breakdown by Role18

Male Female
BREAKDOWN (%) 2015 2014 2015 2014
Board of Directors 73% 80% 27% 20%
Officers 74% 77% 26% 23%
Management19 85% 81% 15% 19%
Total employees 91% 89% 9% 11%

Gender-Based Salary Ratios

We believe in equal pay for equal work and do not discriminate in our wages on the basis of gender. Our gender-based salary data comes from operating sites in two categories: unskilled and skilled workers.

Gender bias is common in employee categories: outdoor manual labourers (the majority of whom are male) may be paid a higher hourly rate than kitchen workers (the majority of whom are female). This may result in a perceived gender bias in pay, which is actually a gender bias in the respective work categories. Therefore, as we compete for labour in many competitive markets, gender biases in some categories may arise.

Our operations range from a ratio of 1.0 (equal pay for unskilled males and females) to a ratio of 1.3 (male to female rates). The overall average ratio is 1.1 male to female starting salary for unskilled workers.

For skilled categories of employment, there is also often a gender bias in mining-related professions. We choose our skilled workers on the basis of merit. The market dictates the salary levels for skilled workers based on education and experience.

Region Unskilled labour Skilled labour
Canada and US 1.2 1.1
Latin America 1.0 1.1
Total 1.1 1.1

We are committed to increasing diversity within the mining sector and support programs with post-secondary institutions to encourage leadership development for women in technical fields (e.g., University of British Columbia’s Goldcorp Professorship for Women in Engineering and Carleton University’s Advancing Leadership for Women Program for women currently working in mining and other technical fields).

Employees by Age Group

The age group breakdown remained similar to 2014 and 2013. Data is for our operating sites only and does not include projects, joint ventures, corporate or off-site office employees, as the disaggregated data was not available. Age group for our governance body can be found in our Management Information Circular.

Age group 2015 2014 2013
Under 30 years 27% 27% 29%
30 to 50 years 57% 54% 52%
Over 50 years 16% 19% 19%

Diversity within Governance Bodies

We believe that diversity provides a depth of perspective and enhances overall operations. In 2015, 27% of our directors were women and 26% of our officers were women. In addition, our directors and officers represent 10 different nationalities and self-identify with 30 distinct cultures/ethnicities.

In 2015, we made Diversity oversight a formal component of the role of the VP of Diversity, Regulatory Affairs & Corporate Secretary. A Diversity Committee was subsequently established to lead our diversity-related initiatives. Diversity Committee membership is comprised of a diverse group of employees from a range of different departments and regions within Goldcorp.

During 2015, we undertook a review of our recruitment job postings to ensure the language included is gender neutral. We have also mandated that any external hiring conducted through an executive recruiter present a diverse candidate pool. In selecting external vendors, we have a primary focus on ensuring that the service provider has a diverse team that supports our work. Finally, we are developing our talent management strategy to ensure that diversity is fully integrated into every aspect of our programs, including succession planning, leadership development, learning and development and identification of high potential talent. We expect to finalize our strategy during 2016.

Gender and geography are of particular importance to ensuring diversity within the Board. Women have typically been underrepresented on boards, and we believe that ensuring gender diversity will enrich the Board. The global nature of our business makes geographic diversity essential to Board efficiency.

In this light, we seek to recruit Board candidates who represent both gender diversity and global business understanding and experience. In addition, the Board is responsible for the approval of all senior executive officer appointments and works closely with management to identify the most qualified candidates.

Board and senior management Male Female
Board of Directors 8 3
Audit Committee 2 2
Compensation Committee 4 1
Governance and Nominating Committee 4 1
Sustainability, Environment, Health and Safety Committee 3 2
Senior management (officers) 23 8

In 2014, we became a signatory to the Catalyst Accord, an initiative to increase the proportion of women directors on corporate boards. Catalyst, founded in 1962, is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to expanding opportunities for women in business. As a signatory to the Catalyst Accord, we committed to increase the overall percentage of women on the Board to 25% by 2017, which we proudly achieved in April 2015 with the appointment of Margot Franssen. We will continue to strive to increase diversity within the Board in years to come.

To ensure gender diversity throughout our organization, we have implemented a unique, enterprise-wide and highly innovative diversity program. The Creating Choices program is a training, development and mentorship initiative for women at Goldcorp.

Creating Choices aims to strengthen the ability of our female employees to: understand opportunities for personal and professional growth; develop their self-confidence and courage; build strong partnerships with fellow employees and communities where we operate; gain access to mentoring; and receive recognition for their contributions to Goldcorp.

In 2015, the second phase of the Creating Choices program, Growing Choices, was delivered by 40 Goldcorp-trained facilitators to employees in Canada, Mexico and Central and South America. Growing Choices is a program that gives women insight into unwritten rules that govern corporate culture, such as creating a personal brand, work-life balance, career planning and building effective relationships.

This is the first time an enterprise-wide diversity program has been developed by a Canadian mining company. Supported by our executive management and the Board, Creating Choices represents the Board’s and our commitment to diversity and inclusion. To date, over 1,550 women have graduated from the program (1,200 graduates of Creating Choices and 350 graduates of Growing Choices).

We are an industry leader in supporting and promoting the advancement of women and women’s issues in the global mining industry, as illustrated not only by the success of our Creating Choices program and the growing proportion of women in executive management (now at 26%, compared to 0% in 2005) and on the Board (now at 27% compared to 0% in 2005). We also support the Women’s Empowerment Principles, a partnership initiative of UN Women and the UN Global Compact which provides a set of considerations to help the private sector focus on key elements integral to promoting gender equality in the workplace, marketplace and community. We remain actively committed to pursuing and developing ongoing diversity initiatives at Goldcorp.