Mine Closure

Our goal is to make mine closure a smooth transition, with careful management of the environmental and socio-economic challenges as the operation moves into passive care and eventual custodial transfer. We plan for, and strive to mitigate, the socio-economic challenges that result from a mine’s closure, and we practise comprehensive land reclamation to ensure that the local ecosystem is healthy, thriving and supportive of a meaningful post–land use for nearby communities.

2015 Highlights

  • We created a dedicated Reclamation Business Unit, which is tasked with managing our reclamation and closure-planning objectives.
  • Equity Silver is the first Goldcorp closure site with active remote tailings monitoring.
  • El Sauzal is the first mine in the world to be decommissioned in accordance with the International Cyanide Management Code.

Case Studies

Automated Tailings Safeguards
Recovery of the Hollinger Tailings Management Area
36 closed sites in Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras.
100% of our properties have updated life-of-mine closure costs.
US$57 million invested in progressive or closure reclamation activities.