Our vision is to create sustainable, enduring value for our communities: value that lasts beyond the operating life of our mines. We value our stakeholder relationships and adopt an approach that is based on mutual benefit, open dialogue, trust and the respect of human rights and the rights of Indigenous Peoples.

2015 Highlights

  • We developed a new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy focused on three core pillars: Sustainable Stakeholder Engagement, Human Rights and Sustainable Economic Benefits.
  • Red Lake Gold Mines signed an agreement with the Wabauskang First Nation, formalizing a partnership that was more than four years in the making.
  • We updated our Human Rights Policy and, in early 2016, became a signatory to the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights.

Case Studies

Cerro Negro Contribution Gives Local Hospital a New Lease on Life
We spent approximately $27 million in community investments, donations, sponsorships and infrastructure investments.
100% of our operations have stakeholder identification maps to help identify with whom we should engage on specific issues.
76% of employees were drawn locally and regionally, with only 2% recruited internationally.
100% of our security personnel in Latin America were trained on Human Rights.