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Welcome to Goldcorp’s Sustainability Report for 2015 – the company’s tenth, and my first as President and CEO. As a newcomer to Goldcorp – although a mining industry veteran – I would like to say how impressed I am by this company’s commitment to sustainability and its diligence in applying the principles of Together, Creating Sustainable Value throughout every facet of its operations. The level of rigour, the professionalism, and the depth I have observed in our sustainability team are to be commended.

I would like to recognize, with gratitude, the contributions of Chuck Jeannes, my predecessor. Thanks to his dedication and vision, I take over an organization that is internationally respected for its consistent, disciplined approach to sustainable practices.

In today’s extractive industries, sustainability is not a frill – it is foundational, like reserves in the ground. If you don’t have reserves, you don’t have a mine. If you don't have safe, sustainable practices, you won’t maintain your social license to operate.

Transparent, honest and forthright stakeholder engagement begins at the very earliest stages – from the moment the first exploration drill hole goes into the ground. You only have one chance to make a first impression, and if we don’t build trust during those early engagements, it can be difficult or impossible to rebuild a tarnished image.

What I see at Goldcorp is a company that does sustainability right – one that is widely perceived as a leader in sustainability and best practices. We apply the International Council on Mining and Metals’ Sustainable Development Framework and the principles of the United Nations Global Compact. We are a signatory to the UN’s Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights and apply its principles in our operations. All of these best practices give us a competitive advantage in building trust with new communities.

In 2016 and beyond, the emerging issue that faces us and our industry is water management. Mining requires water, and the increasing scarcity of water affects all of our activities, in every region and country. Over the coming year, we will begin a series of initiatives that will build on our existing Water Stewardship Strategy to tackle the challenge of water use head on. This is a major effort that will require innovation, creativity and discipline, but I am confident of our abilities. I am also confident in the necessity and the ultimate value of water conservation to our business. Improved stewardship of our water resources will give us a competitive advantage, socially, practically and economically.

I want to thank the people of Goldcorp, and the Goldcorp Board, who have demonstrated their confidence in me. I look forward to working hard, alongside all of you, as we focus on our strategic goals: continuous improvement of our safety practices; ongoing diligence in our environmental stewardship, with a new focus on water conservation strategies; and tireless dedication to maintaining our strong partnerships with our local communities to maximize the social and economic benefits that our operations can provide for all.

Signature of David Garofalo

David Garofalo

President and Chief Executive Officer
Goldcorp Inc.

David Garafalo