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Key Performance Goals

The following table highlights progress made towards our short-term sustainability goals. We will continue to review our goals moving forward with a strategic focus on long-term sustainability performance.

goal met Goal Met Goal partially met Goal partially met goal not met Goal not met
Goals 2015 Performance Description Moving forward
Strategy and Governance
Diversify our management and governance bodies goal met

Under the Catalyst Accord, in April 2015, we achieved our commitment of increasing the percentage of women on our Board to 25% by 2017. We are proud to have met and exceeded this commitment. Female representation on the Board increased to 27% in 2015.

In May 2015, we made Diversity oversight a formal component of the role of Anna Tudela, VP of Diversity, Regulatory Affairs & Corporate Secretary. A Diversity Committee was subsequently established to lead our diversity-related initiatives.

Continue our efforts to diversify our management and governance bodies.
Update the requirements of the Sustainability Excellence Management System (SEMS) and conduct SEMS assessments in three operating sites goal met During 2015, we completed a critical review of our SEMS, applying lessons learned from our first full year of utilization. We also completed SEMS audits in three operating sites and established metrics for SEMS performance measurement and reporting. Continue our internal assurance process to consistently apply SEMS across all sites.
Implement Goldcorp’s anti-bribery and anti-corruption program across our operations goal met During 2015, we undertook significant efforts in managing bribery and corruption risk. Milestones include the development of a global tool to conduct risk assessment on third parties, an updated Political Contributions Policy, the implementation of our Third-Party Due Diligence Standards, and the execution of anti-corruption training. Continue our efforts to implement and strengthen our anti-bribery and anti-corruption program.
Enhance stakeholder partnerships goal met

During 2015, we continued enhancing our partnerships and working collaboratively with our stakeholders.

In January 2015, the Red Lake Gold Mine signed an agreement with the Wabauskang First Nation, formalizing a partnership that was more than four years in the making.

Goldcorp became member of the Mining Association of Canada and the World Economic Forum. We also formed a partnership with the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation and became an Employer Partner of the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI).

Plan and implement the commitments made in our community agreements.
Advance to ensure human rights are respected at Goldcorp goal met During 2015, we updated our Human Rights Policy and became signatories of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights in January 2016. We continue to comply with the Conflict-Free Gold Standard. Roll out a company-wide training program on human rights and broaden awareness of our Human Rights Policy across our operations.
Develop a new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy goal met In 2015, we developed a new CSR strategy and implementation plan. The CSR Strategy includes risk-based business planning that integrates CSR consistently within the overall sustainability programming of our company and provides a framework for continuous performance improvement in the areas of stakeholder engagement, sustainable economic benefits, and human rights. Implement our CSR strategy across the company.
People at Goldcorp
Design and implement a behaviour-based competency and leadership development program goal met In 2015, we designed and implemented STEPUp, our leadership program. Launched in August 2015, pilot programs were conducted at our corporate offices and our Red Lake, Musselwhite and Peñasquito mines. Evaluate the lessons learned through the pilot phase and integrate them into our leadership training program moving forward.
Roll out Growing Choices, the second phase of our Creating Choices initiative goal met Throughout 2015, the Growing Choices program was successfully rolled out to sites and offices. Over 350 women from across the company graduated from the program. Growing Choices is the second component of Creating Choices, our training, development and mentoring program for women. Broaden the scope of activities and engage employees on other ways to increase diversity throughout the organization.
Safety and Health
Achieve zero fatalities goal not met A fatality occurred at the Musselwhite mine on November 25, 2015. Achieving zero fatalities is always our main goal. Unfortunately, there was a fatality at the Marlin mine prior to the publication of this report. We will continue our efforts to ensure there are no more fatalities in the remainder of the year.
Investigate and close out all Potential Fatal Occurrences (PFOs) within 30 days goal partially met 93% of PFO investigations were closed within the 30-day investigation period. Investigate and close all PFOs within 30 days.
Reduce All Injury Frequency Rate (AIFR) by 10% goal met Our AIFR, which includes employees and contractors, was 1.26 per 200,000 hours worked – a 16% improvement compared to 1.50 per 200,000 hours worked in 2014. Reduce our AIFR to 1.14.
Environmental Stewardship
Implement the Tailings Stewardship Strategy across all of our operating sites goal met During 2015, every wholly owned active mine site at Goldcorp had each of its tailings facilities and water retention structures inspected and reviewed by qualified third-party tailings experts. Site-specific technical training was provided at all active sites for tailings facilities operators. Look into new methods to manage tailings and waste rock with less water, thereby reducing our water footprint. Provide additional stability (physical and geochemical) for our waste rock and tailings facilities.
Assess performance against water and energy targets goal met During 2015, we established site-specific energy targets. We also met the milestones established for 2015 in the Water Stewardship Strategy according to each site’s milestone schedule.

Conclude the Goldcorp Energy Strategy and assess our performance against the five-year targets that were described in that strategy. This will help us determine what the next phase of our Energy Strategy will look like. We will complete a pre-feasibility study for a major renewable project (the Cerro Negro wind farm).

We will continue executing against the Water Stewardship Strategy milestones as per the schedule developed by each site. This will continue through 2016 and 2017.