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2013 Sustainability Report
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Management Approach

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Training and Awareness

At Goldcorp we are committed to integrating respect for human rights into our business management processes at all locations and levels within the company. From mine workers to senior management, all employees and contractors are expected to comply with and promote our Human Rights Policy.

Goals and Performance

As a member of the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM), Goldcorp is committed to implementing and measuring our performance against the ICMM’s ten principles, which include upholding fundamental human rights and respecting cultures, customs and values when dealing with employees and others who are affected by Goldcorp’s activities.

As a participant in the UN Global Compact, Goldcorp is also committed to that organization’s ten principles, which include respect for human rights and labour rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption. Principles 1 and 2 deal specifically with supporting and respecting the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights, and ensuring that businesses are not complicit in human rights abuses.


We have developed a corporate Human Rights Policy consistent with international law, the ICMM Sustainable Development Framework, the UN Global Compact principles, the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, the Global Reporting Initiative’s Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and Mining and Metals Sector Supplement, and industry best practices.

At Goldcorp, we are committed to integrating human rights best practices into our business processes, informing our decision-making and due diligence processes. Our Human Rights Policy mandates that we operate in a way that respects the human rights of all employees and the communities in which we operate our business.

This policy recognizes that while governments are primarily responsible for protecting human rights, our activities have the potential to impact the human rights of individuals affected by our business operations. Goldcorp is committed to ongoing improvement in the area of human rights, and to that end we seek constructive dialogues and partnerships with a variety of stakeholders on our human rights performance, particularly those impacted directly by our operations.

The Goldcorp Human Rights Policy can be accessed on our website in English, French and Spanish.

HR10, SO2

Organizational Risk and Impact Assessment

Goldcorp has implemented an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) function in order to monitor significant risks across the entire organization. Corruption is identified as a risk factor and monitoring occurs on a quarterly basis focusing on strategic, financial, external affairs and operational risks. We perform ongoing risk assessments for the local, regional and national geographical areas where we work. These are multi-faceted assessments that take into consideration the environmental, social, political and economic risks of the countries where we operate. Included in the social risk assessments are issues related to human rights and Indigenous rights. In 2013, we undertook quarterly Country Risks Assessments for Guatemala, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and the Dominican Republic, which included assessing the risks related to corruption in the country1. The Country Risks Assessments include identification of potential human rights issues where applicable. The process links to Goldcorp’s formal ERM System, allowing for integration of social risks. The results of both of these processes are reviewed by the executive management team and the Board every quarter.

We will continue to evaluate the need to undertake more in-depth assessments on risks related to human rights at individual operations. For example, Goldcorp published the full content of a human rights assessment that was undertaken at our Marlin mine in 2010 and several follow-up reports. We recognize the value of these regular site-specific updates.

Organizational Responsibility

At Goldcorp, we believe that it is the responsibility of all our employees and contractors to respect human rights and to conduct our business in an ethical manner. Goldcorp’s management approach to human rights is led by our Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs. Policy and procedures, such as the Code of Ethics, are developed at the corporate level. However, all of our people have a role to play in supporting these policies by respecting the human rights of others in the course of work duties.

Training and Awareness

We recognize that policy alone cannot change actions. In order to ensure that the Human Rights Policy is reflected in our day-to-day activities, we have a partnership agreement with an international human rights organization, Fund for Peace, to design and implement a human rights training program, and to measure and monitor the impact and effectiveness of that training and policy.

Other training and awareness programs are specific to certain sites or regions where issues may be of heightened importance. Sites in our Mexico and Guatemala regions carry out training related to the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, as well as general human rights training related to the Conflict-Free Gold Standard in Mexico. For more information on these specific programs, see our section on Human Rights Training.

1 We do not undertake these assessments by business unit, due to our organizational structure, but rather by country. These assessments cover five out of a total of seven countries where we operate (71%). In 2013, assessments were not conducted for Canada or the US.