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2013 Sustainability Report
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Management Approach

Goals and Performance | Analyzing Potential Fatal Occurrences (PFOs) | Fighting Fatalities and the Day of Remembrance | The Ten Golden Rules | Policy | Organizational Responsibility | Training and Awareness | Monitoring and Follow-up

Goldcorp’s management sets the company-wide direction for safety and health, through a series of policies, standards, guidelines and frameworks. Each operation develops its own approach, within the company’s overall vision and framework, for coaching, training, workshops and program development, to ensure a successful, sustainable implementation with the necessary cultural and site-specific nuances. In 2013, the new Golden Rules and Golden Guide were used to communicate our expectations for sustained improvement in our safety and health performance.

Goals and Performance

We believe that we can only reach our vision of Safe Enough for Our Families when every Goldcorp employee is actively engaged in a strong safety culture. It is our collective commitment to bring this vision into reality. Our vision is reflected in three basic principles, Care, Think and Act.

We expect to see our incident rates decrease, every year, as a result of our targeted initiatives and training, and our many preventative programs and actions. We support these initiatives with active monitoring of our safety results.

Every year, in our annual objective-setting process, each operation develops its own set of objectives for safety and health with specific accountabilities and responsibilities. These objectives are reviewed and approved early in the year, monitored throughout the year and assessed at the end of the year.

In addition, medium- and long-term health and safety initiatives are core aspects of our strategic business planning and budgeting. Site-level initiatives are integrated with overall strategic business planning to ensure that sufficient resources are in place to fulfill our responsibilities.

Analyzing Potential Fatal Occurrences (PFOs)

Over the past 18 months, the company has emphasized prevention of the types of incidents that could cause a fatality. Along with other industry leaders, we have devoted considerable effort to the research and analysis of fatalities and PFOs. A PFO at Goldcorp is defined as:

We consider a PFO to be just as significant as a fatality. Any PFO is followed up by a PFO Review – a thorough investigation that is reviewed and approved by senior management, and then communicated across the company.

The purpose of a PFO Review is:

Fighting Fatalities and the Day of Remembrance

To emphasize our renewed focus on preventing fatalities, we launched a company-wide program, Fighting Fatalities, which refocuses our existing safety programs in support of the primary concern of fatality prevention. We are targeting the causes of fatalities and focusing on the most critical hazards. Through our revised Ten Golden Rules we have standardized and improved the safety controls related to the most critical, fatality-related hazards.

The Fighting Fatalities program was launched on our company-wide Day of Remembrance: October 30, 2013. The entire company – every office and every mine site ­– stopped work for the day and paid respect to those who lost their lives in a workplace incident. Everyone took part in special safety training and awareness activities. This was a milestone event for Goldcorp and has been recognized by employees as the most impactful event of the year.

We believe that the awareness generated by the Day of Remembrance was a critical factor in a company-wide increase in safety leadership and accountability, and a marked decrease in incidents in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Up to the Day of Remembrance, the All Injury Frequency Rate (AIFR) had increased, from the first quarter to the third quarter. After the Day of Remembrance, the AIFR dropped significantly – from an AIFR of 1.93 to 1.34. We believe this improvement is directly correlated to the increased awareness and was a direct result of the awareness and the safety programs that were initiated on the Day of Remembrance.

The Ten Golden Rules

At the Day of Remembrance, we announced a new set of Ten Golden Rules for safety. These rules identify the most high-risk situations for workers, as identified by analyzing past PFOs at Goldcorp and in the industry. They are intended to help workers to understand the potential hazards and risks they face and to begin a task only when they have thoroughly understood the Ten Golden Rules and how they apply to the work in hand:

In essence, these Golden Rules, and the supporting Golden Guide, are our critical controls for the high-risk hazards that we face every day in the workplace.


Goldcorp’s established Occupational Health and Safety Policy and accompanying procedures apply to anyone who works on our sites, including contractors. Our objective is a safe and healthy workplace, free of injury and illness. We are committed to the health, safety and well-being of our workforce, and strive to achieve an incident-free workplace in a holistic and inclusive manner. While individuals, through their behaviour and actions, are ultimately responsible for their safety, we, as a company, encourage and support all employees to achieve our shared safety goals by incorporating into their planning and work the actions necessary to ensure the safety of the employee and others in the workplace.

As members of the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM), we support the ICMM Sustainable Development Framework, which was created with due consideration to ILO Convention 176 (Safety and Health in Mines Convention).

To achieve our safety and health objectives we will:

Organizational Responsibility

Goldcorp’s President and Chief Executive Officer is ultimately responsible for the company’s safety performance. At the Board level, the Sustainability, Environment, Health and Safety (SEH&S) Committee of the Board has overview of safety and health functions (see Board Oversight of Sustainability for more information on the role of this committee).

Goldcorp’s safety and health function is headed by a Senior Vice President for People and Safety, reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer. All of our operations have Safety and Health Officers who are responsible for supporting the implementation of our safety and health strategy on a day-to-day basis. We also began to recruit dedicated Safety Directors at the regional level. We made an appointment in the Canada and US region in 2013 and will add in Mexico and Central and South America in 2014.

Training and Awareness

Goldcorp provides training on technical, behavioural and cultural aspects of safety. To keep our people up to date with the latest in safety advancements, inside and outside the industry, we encourage employees to participate in external training, conferences and workshops.

To support the Fighting Fatalities program, the new set of Golden Rules, plus the new Life Saving Rules and the Golden Guide, we are deploying a new training and coaching program called Fighting Fatalities. Through this customized coaching program, a core group of coaches will be trained, who will in turn train others at each site. This will ensure the sustainability of the safety gains that have been realized since the Day of Remembrance.

Technical safety training is primarily provided at the operational level. Our technical safety training programs include mine rescue training, the Stope School (at Ontario mines), equipment operation, first aid, simulator training, and occupational health awareness training. The updated Golden Rules and Golden Guide now provide additional focus for critical technical training.

We also provide comprehensive behavioural and cultural safety training courses, which have been developed specifically for Goldcorp at the corporate level and tailored for each individual operation. Our three-day Safety Leadership Training (SLT) course is the touchstone of our safety culture training. More than 200 supervisors and management took the SLT course in 2013. It offers an interactive approach for developing core skills, leadership competencies and decision-making abilities.

Closely related to SLT is our DELTA training, a one-day course delivered by supervisors directly to their crews, which promotes key safety values in the workforce. In 2013, more than 1,000 people attended this course. We also make DELTA training available to our contractors and partners.

Goldcorp also offers a number of site-specific training programs, such as the Safety Training Observation Program (STOP) at our Mexican mines, which teaches employees about risk observation, assessment and management.

At the corporate level, Goldcorp is an active member of the Mining Industry Roundtable on Safety, an industry group dedicated to bringing safety leaders from different mining companies together on safety issues. Through this group, we share best practices among our peer companies. This helps with the proactive awareness of potential issues and provides prompt access to practical solutions. We are also an active member of the ICMM Health and Safety Task Force, which provides a strategic outlook on health and safety, with a particular focus on eliminating fatalities.

Monitoring and Follow-up

To ensure consistent application of health and safety standards across our various operations, we run a unique peer-review program, the Golden Eye Review. Through this program, every operation is visited by a team of 10 to 15 peers who inspect and assess the operation’s performance in various technical and best practice aspects of health and safety.

The Golden Eye Review team is augmented by an independent consultant who adds an outside eye to the safety and health review. The results are reviewed by site management and shared across the company, and a summary of the review’s findings is presented quarterly to the Sustainability, Environment, Health and Safety Committee of the Goldcorp Board. In 2013, Golden Eye Reviews were conducted at five sites.

In addition to the Golden Eye program, each operation operates its individual programs of monitoring, inspection and analysis.

The frequency and level of these monitoring activities is determined by Goldcorp’s overall safety management system. We assess the safety management system with an external consultant as part of the Golden Eye Review process. Periodically, operations also receive audits and reviews from regulatory agencies. The outcome of these audits and reviews is shared with management and documentation of any corrective actions is monitored.