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2013 Sustainability Report
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Management Approach

Policy | Organizational Responsibility | Goals and Performance | Training and Awareness | Monitoring and Follow-up

Goldcorp is committed to responsible mining and sustainability excellence. Sustainability at Goldcorp includes the following functions: safety and health, environmental stewardship, Corporate Social Responsibility, and the security of Goldcorp employees, contractors and assets. Led by the Environmental group, these groups from across the company joined together during 2013 to develop the Sustainability Excellence Management System (SEMS). The SEMS provides the framework and standards for Goldcorp sustainability management and ensures a consistency of approach for implementing sustainability policies across the company. The SEMS is the organizational structure, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and resources for implementing and maintaining the desired level of sustainability performance.


Our Environmental and Sustainability Policy is a key element of the SEMS. This policy promotes the development and implementation of effective systems to minimize risks to health, safety and the environment and to design, operate and close our facilities in compliance with international guidelines and local regulations.

The core values prescribed in our Environmental and Sustainability Policy can be summarized as:

Organizational Responsibility

The President and Chief Executive Officer of Goldcorp is ultimately responsible for Goldcorp’s environmental performance. At the Board level, the Sustainability, Environment, Health and Safety (SEH&S) Committee of the Board oversees our environmental impacts and activities (see the section on Board Oversight of Sustainability for more information on the role of this committee).

Goldcorp’s technical and strategic environmental programs are headed by a Vice President of Environment who reports to the Chief Operating Officer and is supported by environmental professionals.

Goals and Performance

Goldcorp understands that by setting goals and monitoring and reporting performance against those goals, we are creating key drivers for improved performance across the organization. The most important corporate environmental goals over the last few years have involved the Cyanide Code, our Energy Strategy, the development and implementation of our Water Stewardship Strategy, and most recently the establishment of the SEMS.

The Cyanide Code – In July 2007, Goldcorp became a signatory to the International Cyanide Management Code (Cyanide Code). Certification to the Cyanide Code requires verification against the principles of the Cyanide Code by an independent third-party auditor accredited by the International Cyanide Management Institute. All nine of our operating mines are certified compliant with the Cyanide Code.

Energy Strategy – Goldcorp aims to reduce the intensity of our greenhouse gas emissions by the end of 2016 by improving energy efficiency and incorporating renewables to the extent feasible. All sites have developed an Energy Management Plan to establish initiatives towards achievement of these targets. This strategy complements our overall Operating for Excellence (O4E) program.

Water Stewardship Strategy – Goldcorp aims to optimize the use of water at our operations by standardizing the way we analyze our water use within the context of the basins in which we operate and their characteristics. We plan to apply this analysis to determine our water footprint, and then each site will establish site-specific targets that are most meaningful to reduce our water footprint.

SEMS – Goldcorp developed the SEMS in 2013, which provides the framework and standards for Goldcorp sustainability management and ensures a consistency of approach for implementing the sustainability policies across our company. This is a new approach to holistic management of all activities within the Sustainability functional areas at Goldcorp.

Training and Awareness

Environmental training and awareness is principally a site function. This begins with an introduction to the overall environmental culture of Goldcorp during the employee induction training and progresses to specific environmental requirements of each site. Training is conducted with the intention of ensuring that all employees understand their accountability for environmental protection in the workplace and their duty-of-care to the broader environment.

Goldcorp also encourages and supports continuing professional development for its environmental staff. Every two years, Goldcorp holds a Sustainability Workshop, which brings together our employees from the sustainability areas to discuss strategy and to enhance skills in selected areas. These workshops are well attended by senior management, Board members and a cross-section of employees from various areas of the company.

Goldcorp also promotes the attendance of its environmental professionals at relevant conferences, workshops and seminars outside the company to encourage interactions with their peers. This provides both benchmarking opportunities, as we compare our performance against our peers, and the opportunity to promote Goldcorp’s environmental performance through the presentation of technical papers.

Monitoring and Follow-up

Goldcorp has substantially enhanced its environmental audit program to focus on environmental compliance with both regulatory requirements and the new SEMS standards. The SEMS has significantly increased collaboration across the sustainability departments, which is expected to result in improved sustainability performance.