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2013 Sustainability Report
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Issues and Concerns

Stakeholder engagement is a continuous process. It is undertaken by individual employees, by site-based teams and by those representing Goldcorp as a whole from our corporate or regional offices. Local mine site management, along with support from corporate and regional management, is responsible for identifying, mapping and engaging with a variety of local, national and international stakeholders on topics related to our operations.

Key issues discussed through our engagement included issues related to physical and environmental concerns (e.g., water quality, noise from operations), land use, local employment and economic development, and pressures on local services and infrastructure. Our stakeholders identify several indirect impacts as potentially significant, including loss of income and jobs to outside workers and contractors. Through these discussions, we also, with our stakeholders, identify mitigation and monitoring steps to respond to these concerns.

4.17, SO9
Key issues and concerns raised through engagement by region
Region Key issues and concerns raised through engagement1
Canada and US Indigenous consultation and implementation of collaboration agreements
Local economic development initiatives
Building local employment
Responding to physical impact concerns (dust, noise, etc.)
Mexico Physical impacts of operations (water usage, blasting and dust)
Impacts on personal property
Land usage
Cyanide usage and handling
Sustainable community development
Educational initiatives
Mine closure planning
Community needs assessments
Central and South America Sustainable income generation during operations and after closure
Job creation
Environmental impacts
Sustainable investment and avoiding a resource dependency
Impacts on water resources
Land access and compensation

Goldcorp provides specific guidance in our Stakeholder Engagement Tool to identify vulnerable populations and implement targeted and appropriate engagement. We recognize that groups considered as vulnerable populations are context specific and will vary from site to site.

At the corporate level, our stakeholder engagement is focused on shareholders, capital market participants, governments (usually at the national level) and civil society (principally national and international NGOs). Goldcorp’s CEO meets annually with socially responsible investors to address issues of concern to this group. Regular communication is maintained with these groups throughout the year to respond to specific inquiries. Other more general public communication processes include regulatory filings, annual and quarterly reports, news releases, blog posts, fact sheets, presentations by senior management, as well as meetings, individual letters and telephone conversations, media interviews, and press conferences. At all times, Goldcorp and our employees are conscious of our obligations, under the provisions of securities laws, relating to the disclosure of material information. To learn more about our approach to timely disclosure and confidentiality, click the link in the sidebar.

The Goldcorp website ( is the primary source of public general information. The Vice President, Investor Relations, is responsible for creating and maintaining the website, as well as managing the company’s social media presence. The site includes an email link to an Investor Relations contact which facilitates communication with investors and other stakeholders. We also maintain separate websites for certain sites for historical reasons and frequency of engagement:

Goldcorp also engages corporately with industry groups, particularly those that encourage sustainable operations in the mining industry. We are an active member of the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) and a member of the World Gold Council (WGC). In 2013, we conducted readiness reviews with our Mexican sites related to our ability to meet or exceed the Conflict-Free Gold Standard. Another key collaborative group in which we participated in 2013 was the Devonshire Initiative, which is a unique Canadian platform that brings together mining companies and civil society to share experiences, understand concerns and build mutually beneficial partnerships and initiatives. To see a complete list of our memberships and the platforms in which we participate, see our section on Commitment to External Initiatives.

1 This list is not exhaustive, but is a summary of the key issues identified through our materiality assessment and regular annual reporting mechanism.