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Every day and every place Goldcorp operates, we are part of people’s lives. We are one company, but we play a role in thousands of stories. Stories about exploration and vision, strategies and rewards, jobs and opportunities, progress and value, planning and growth. We are one company, but we are part of something larger. Something that's captured in our vision: Together, creating sustainable value.


Responsible Mining

At Goldcorp, responsible mining is a company-wide commitment that’s at the core of every business decision we make. Every one of us, from senior management through the work crews at each of our operations, strives to conduct our business to create lasting social progress and economic growth for all stakeholders throughout the life of a Goldcorp mine and well beyond.

We are committed to being responsible stewards of the environment and to complying with the highest applicable health and safety standards possible. We are tireless advocates of human rights and maintain a principled, conscientious approach to corporate citizenship.

Creating Sustainable Prosperity

We call our approach to doing business “Sustainable Prosperity”. Our programs are designed as catalysts for positive, lasting contributions in the communities where we do business, while working in partnership with host governments, local communities, indigenous groups, non-governmental organizations, contractors and suppliers.

We design, construct and operate all our facilities in accordance with the highest applicable health, safety and environmental standards. Our employees are provided with the tools and training required to mitigate the effects of our activities on the environment. We actively seek partnerships based on open, transparent communication, with the aim of being Responsible, Respected and Welcomed, everywhere we do business.